This is me on the right smiling like an idiot for a selfie -------> You know... One needs to keep up with trends. Hello! 

I'll start by telling you how the idea of how the blog started: when I first moved to Bristol, I wanted to have somewhere where I could write for myself and my family and keeping almost like a diary of what was happening in my life. Somewhere where I could register stories and thoughts.  I felt Skype was good for the day to day conversations but I'm better at placing feelings and emotions in writing instead of speaking.  

For that reason I created the Letters from Bristol (name I obviously  kept) on a free blog platform and started writing for myself and my family. It quickly picked up between my friends and friends of friends, and friends of my friends friends so I decided to made a "thing" out of the blog. 

My Facebook page was part of my political ground (I am a huge politics fan, my favorite radio station is BBC Radio 4 - Yes,  I am sad like that) so I thought that I could use my blog for more elaborate thoughts without disturbing everyone's timelines with pictures of kittens and rainbows, amazing holidays (everyone has an amazing life apart from me apparently) and food. Please let's not forget the food pics.

Anyway, I have been living in Bristol for three and a half years now and I'm in love with this city. It never gets boring, there's always something to do and something new to see. Friendly people, a fantastic vibe and an outstanding music scene. 

You can find people from all over the world with different taste in music, taste in fashion, interests and the city keeps up with this diversity which is an absolute gift. It's an eclectic city and if, like me, you appreciate this mix, make sure to place Bristol on your wish list.

I work in the financial services area - which I love - specifically on the advisory/investments side of financial services in Compliance. Basically, my work is to analyse and understand the rules and regulations set up for the industry and ensure that the firm is compliant with such regulations. If we receive a fine from the regulator, it means I'm not doing my job right. So far, all good!

On my spare time, (when I'm not injured) I do martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), I am a Christian so I do attend Church and activities related to the Church (No,  I'm not the only young person there and no, we don't sit around in silence reading the Bible with a group of 80 year-old ladies.) and I have also recently restarted classical piano lessons. Like I said, diversity.  I also have a cat (relevant information here if you're a 9gagger).

Because I still want to be true to my origins, you may find that some posts are only in Portuguese and not translated to English. Apologies in advance for that but there are some things I write in a very particular way that when translated to English lose their essence. Only when I am comfortable that my translation is accurate and faithful to its essence will I publish it. Same happens in English. Some entries won't be translated to Portuguese.

On the gallery section of the website you'll have access to my photos. I am an amateur photographer, I use my iPhone 6 and my Canon camera and the result... Well, you can see for yourself. You can keep up with my photos on Instagram too.

To conclude this very long explanation of how boring I am, you will see from my writing that I tend to deviate a lot and end up writing about something completely different from the initial idea. That's me! In writing and in real life and unfortunately there's no way around it, you just need to keep up. 

Any questions, suggestions are welcome. 
Peace and God bless (come on dude, don't make that face. I told you I was a Christian earlier on).


Bristol, United Kingdom

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